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More diesel for the US market

Most car enthusiasts tend to think not so highly of the diesel engines. Mostly because of the noise and the low rev.

On the US market, customers had to contend with only a few options of diesel engines on their BMW, but changing trends and technology advances will soon change that.

BMW Diesel Engine

BMW Diesel Engine

If you think about it, for all its “flaws”, diesel burners also have plenty of advantages. Sure, they might not sound quite so delightful when the throttle hits the floor, but diesel provides more torque. And although these engines won’t rev quite as high, the fuel in them is used much more efficiently.

Thing is we could go back and forth on this subject all day, and many would still prefer a gasoline engine, but fact remains diesels aren’t the clunky, smoke producing engines good for hauling and nothing else. BMW invested a lot into developing technologies, and the results show.

The diesel engines from BMW are one of the best on the market at this time. Better injectors and capable turbocharging make sure of that. The new generation engines even manage to increase the rev limit. So I think the US BMW market should be plenty happy to receive them into the fold.


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  1. I would love to buy one of these BMW diesels, but I would like after a couple of years take the car out of the country. What would i have to do to convert this engines from burning clean diesel to burning regular diesel? Can anyone help?

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