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BMW shakes hand with Solarwatt

More news from the alternative fuels front. With BMW set to launch the i3 soon and then the i8, they started projects supporting electric mobility.

One of the latest endeavours BMW embarked on is a partnership with Solarwatt, one of the leaders of photovoltaic (solar panels) solutions in Germany.

BMW and Solarwatt Carport

BMW and Solarwatt Carport

So what is the German car maker’s plans? Together with Solarwatt, BMW plans to offer i3 and i8 buyers a so-called Carport as an optional. This product basically doubles as both garage and charging station. Using glass-glass modules, the Carport is powered by the sun, so the benefits of free energy can be yours.

BMW is relatively new to the EV market and its “born electric” i3 should especially benefit from such partnerships. And Solarwatt isn’t the only company that teamed up with BMW. Naturstrom, Schneider Electric and The Mobility House have also started working with the German car maker. Under the umbrella of the 360° Electric program, all these collaborations will help BMW deliver solutions for all sorts of electric mobility problems.


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