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BMW i8 spied at Nurburgring

The diligent spies of the industry have caught the new BMW i8 testing on the Nurburgring.

Clad in camouflage, its presence here can only mean one thing: the i8 is pretty much production ready and needs fine tuning.

BMW i8 Spy Shot

BMW i8 Spy Shot

The BMW i8 will be using a hybrid system to get its power. This consists of BMW’s new 1.5 liter, three cylinder turbocharged engine placed at the back and an electric motor at the front. The gasoline engine alone is good for about 220 Hp and 300 Nm of torque, but coupled with the electric motor, the power spikes up to 400 Hp an 550 Nm torque.

BMW i8 Spy Shot

BMW i8 Spy Shot

As if the power at its disposal wasn’t enough, the BMW i8 is also quite light, adding to the performance figures. It all sums up to an acceleration to 100 km/h in just 4.8 seconds. The low weight of the vehicle also counts towards fuel consumption. Between that and the hybrid system, the BMW i8 will average 2.7 liters per 100 km.

BMW i8 Spy Shot

BMW i8 Spy Shot

It’s all good when you look and these numbers, but to balance things out, the price will leave a sore spot on your wallet, with an estimated cost of 200.000 USD.

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