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BMW i3 Coupe and MPV might make an appearance

With the new BMW i3 well under way, it seems that the German car maker might be considering making a Coupe and MPV version.

Although a Coupe might be a next logical step for the BMW i3, fact remains that the normal version of the vehicle hasn’t even shed all of its camo yet.

BMW i3 Coupe Rendering

BMW i3 Coupe Rendering

But should the little electric vehicle prove to be a success, the i range might welcome many more models. For now, the BMW i3 small city car and the powerful BMW i8 sports car are two extremes the German car maker uses to test the waters.

Besides the Coupe version of the BMW i3, the source that leaked the information also suggested an i3 MPV is considered by BMW. Something similar to the Concept Active Tourer. And there are plenty more models that could benefit from going all electric. The only exception would be an electric crossover, arguing that the LifeDrive architecture just isn’t suited for such platforms.

Although I am a big fan of the alternative fuels, I believe that all this talk about new models is purely speculative, as only time will tell if the new i series will be a succes.


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