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Enter the electronauts

At the start of 2012, BMW initiated a field test called ActiveE. This consists of around 700 drivers with electric versions of the 1-Series driving around the country and gathering data.

A full year later, BMW has released that very data in the form of a digital tool allowing anyone to check out exactly how much effect the electric cars had on both environment and owner’s budgets.

Electronaut Effect

Electronaut Effect

The online application pools the data gathered under three main categories: Range, Savings and Environment. And let’s be honest, these are the selling points of any electric vehicle on the market now. Also, with the BMW i3 well underway and the i8 to follow that, this new program can only benefit BMW.

In the one year of activity, the 700 Electronauts (the nickname of the participants) have gathered some impressives numbers. In a total of 9.76 million km driven they have managed to save collectively 740.000 dollars on fuel. Also there is one million liters of gasoline more for the rest of the drivers.

If you ever had any doubt about the alternative fuels, these numbers will prove to you that there are plenty of advantages in using an electric vehicle in your day to day.


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