BMW 5-Series

5 Series Exclusive Sport

The Japanese has been rewarded with a new limited edition version of the BMW 5-Series. With 300 units being made available for purchase, this package will be applicable for the sedan and touring 5-Series.

It is a bit overwhelming, considering the facelifted version is soon to be launched, but maybe there is a high demand.

BMW 5-Series Exclusive Sport

BMW 5-Series Exclusive Sport

What we can tell for sure is that the BMW 5-Series Exclusive Sport include as standard 19 inch alloy wheels, sports seats, M steering wheel, and an M body kit. As far as the paint goes, you only have two choices, so i hope you enjoy either white or carbon black. The interior presents itself draped in Cinnamon Brown leather.

BMW 5-Series Exclusive Sport

BMW 5-Series Exclusive Sport

Underneath the hood, you can have either a diesel or gasoline engine, 523d and 523i respectively. No matter your choice of fuel, the engine will displace 2.0 liters and will be turbocharged. To set these models apart, an “Exclusive Sport” plaque is fitted on the dashboard.

BMW 5-Series Exclusive Sport

BMW 5-Series Exclusive Sport

So if you desire the BMW 5-Series Exclusive Sport, be prepared to dish out between 7.190.000 yen (about 72.000 dollars) and goes up to 7.490.000 yen (75.200 dollars).

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