Zhi Nuo car to sport a N20 engine

A little while back BMW announced a new brand of cars which will be under joint custody of both the german car company and it’s chinese couterpart, Brilliance.

With the main base in China, and going by the name of Zhi Nuo (The Promise), the brand aims to sell its products world wide, even in markets that might be considered saturated or matured.

Zhi Nuo new brand from BMW

Zhi Nuo new brand from BMW

It is important to remember that even if Zhi Nuo will base the cars on BMW’s models, they will be a different brand. The name was a challenge to come up with as they had to tiptoe around a lot of patented names.

As a first model, the player founded and funded by BMW will make a suitable competitor to Mercedes-Benz’s B-Class. This new MCV will be using a 2.0 liter four cylinder N20 turbocharged engine and I believe it is important this vehicle make it big, proving that even new players can succeed in this very competitive environment. This is especially important if they plan to take on markets like Europe, where the big car makers are well dug in.


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