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BMW X1 EV spied

There are a lot of photographers out there just waiting for a new car to show itself on the roads, ready to be caught for the first time on camera. Kind of like car industry paparazzi.

This time it seems that a BMW X1 electric vehicle prototype fell victim. These spy shots shed some light on BMW’s plans.

BMW X1 Electric

BMW X1 Electric

With the X1 being such a great success, it makes sense to offer more variants of the model, so a greener version might be a good idea. The problem is that this BMW is quite big, and the german company is not that experienced in producing alternative-power cars.

BMW X1 Electric

BMW X1 Electric

It seems that BMW went outside it’s borders to seek advice from one of the best EV builder on the market. With an all electric version of the RAV4 already out, Toyota was the obvious choice.

BMW X1 Electric

BMW X1 Electric

The spy photos reveal a sticker that labels this prototype BMW X1 as a hybrid, but the lack of an exhaust and witnessing it in motion led the photographers to conclude that it is actually just electric. Clever rouse there, BMW.

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