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BMW Diesel Engine

More diesel for the US market

Most car enthusiasts tend to think not so highly of the diesel engines. Mostly because of the noise and the low rev. On the US market, customers had to contend with only a few options of diesel engines on their BMW, but changing trends and technology advances will soon change […]

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5 years ago
BMW Logo

BMW to make gas powered cars

The trend in the car making industry is pointing toward lower and lower CO2 emissions. The hi-revving, fast cars are slowly becoming extinct. To remain one of the best car companies in the world, BMW can’t ignore the big trends, and so their plans will be tailored to suit the […]

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BMW i3 Carbon Fiber Body

BMW to use more carbon fiber

Ever since the dawn of the industrial age, technology has advanced and developed at staggering rates. It is the same case for the carbon fiber. It started out as a novelty material too expensive to use on just anything. Gradually, with time and the hard work of scientists, carbon fiber […]

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5 years ago
F23 BMW 2 Series Convertible

F23 BMW 2 Series Convertible spied roofless

The new BMW 2 Series Convertible hits once again the streets, still wearing a thick layer of camouflage but with the top down. We’ve seen several spy shots with models being tested in quite though conditions, mostly in Northern countries. The Germans at BMW decided to take advantage of the […]

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BMW Group Technology Office USA

BMW funds a Hackathlon

BMW is a very old an cunning car making industry giant. And over the years it has shown that it has what it takes to be one of the leaders in its field. Keeping BMW in top shape are scores of engineers, constantly searching new ways of making the cars […]

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BMW M6 Coupe by Manhart Racing

BMW M6 Coupe restyled by Manhart Racing

Manhart Racing releases today initial details and photos on their new tuning kit for the new BMW M6 Coupe. In terms of styling, the Manhart MH6 S Biturbo benefits from a special red finish, carbon fiber front spoiler lip, hood, roof and trunk. The company also provides a new set […]

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BMW and Solarwatt Carport

BMW shakes hand with Solarwatt

More news from the alternative fuels front. With BMW set to launch the i3 soon and then the i8, they started projects supporting electric mobility. One of the latest endeavours BMW embarked on is a partnership with Solarwatt, one of the leaders of photovoltaic (solar panels) solutions in Germany. So […]

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5 years ago
2014 BMW M6 will get power boost

2014 BMW M6 will get power boost

It is well known that the giants of car making industry are constantly trying to get ahead of each other. This is especially true for the manufacturers that hail from Germany. Quite often we witnessed commercials hinting at the competition, placing them somewhat below the standard. And how many models […]

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BMW 1M Coupe

BMW 50:50 weight distribution

Whenever a car is designed, engineers have to consider a lot of factors. Depending on the targeted market and the kind of vehicle they want, they must consider performance, luxury, price accessibility, aesthetics or any combination of these factors. In recent years, more fuel efficient vehicles have also seen a […]

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5 years ago
2014 BMW M5 facelift

2014 BMW M5 facelift caught again on camera

The new M5 starts to show its metal more often, the facelift version of the high-performance model being spied today once again on European roads. To begin with, you should not expect any performance tweaks as the 4.4-liter V8 under the hood will very likely remain the same. This means […]

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