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M power for the BMW 335i

For those that own a BMW 335i or plan to buy one, I have some good news from BMW. An M Performance kit was released to upgrade your ride.

So what does it offer and for how much? Well I can tell you that the upgrade in performance comes for at least 1.100 dollars and it offers a few things.

BMW 335i M Performance

BMW 335i M Performance

First off, you can add 20 more horses under the hood, up to a 320hp. Depending on your gear box, you will get more torque as well: 43Nm more for the automatic and only 23Nm more for the manual. These come thanks to a new ECU and air intake system.

BMW 335i M Performance

BMW 335i M Performance

The kit, purchasable from any authorized dealer, will also give you some M-bagde trim pieces as well as a modified exhaust. You know, for a better soundtrack when you’re out there. Some fiddling with the throttle pedal also brought a sharper respose.

BMW 335i M Performance

BMW 335i M Performance

So there you have, the M Performance kit for your BMW 335i. If you want it, you can now get it for your models down to 2012 generation.


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