BMW will build a new plant in central or eastern Europe

Looking to expand they production capacity, BMW has decided to reserach the emerging countries in central or eastern Europe. That would include countries like Romania, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, or Croatia.

The reason for this is simple. Poor countries equals low production costs, cheap labor but hopefully not poor quality. No decision has been made yet by BMW officials, so governments of the target countries should hope they are chosen.

BMW Production Line

BMW Production Line

An important car maker like BMW is sure to create a lot of badly needed jobs. Slovakia has already jumped aboard with this idea and opened their arms to receive the German manufacturer.

BMW Production Line

BMW Production Line

Already world’s top car producer per capita, Slovakia would be an ideal candidate as it would provide experienced workers, and even “cash incentives or tax breaks”.

BMW Production Line

BMW Production Line

But this will not be a rushed decision. This is a new territory for BMW, who (unlike Mercedes or Audi) hasn’t had any experience with factories in low cost countries.

So all we can do is wait and see who will receive this boon.


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