US will get the 2014 BMW M6 manual transmission

It is an unusual move for BMW, considering that americans have never been such big fans of the “stick”. But who knows, maybe I am wrong and it will work out.

So for anyone living in the US that will buy a 2014 BMW M6, come June you will have the option of getting yours with a manual gear box, cost free. And the option is available for the convertible, coupe and gran coupe versions. As an added bonus, the BMW M6 will also be sporting the M carbon ceramic brakes.

2014 BMW M6

2014 BMW M6

The manual gear box will offer you a featured software that will match the engine speed automatically when you shift down. But that’s just as long as you don’t use the Sport+ mode, that will give the driver some extra action. Manually matching the speed on down shifts might be quite fun for true fans. For all others, you also have the Efficient and Sport modes.

2014 BMW M6

2014 BMW M6

All in all, I’d say this is a good thing… but I always preferred manual, so we’ll just wait and see what happens.


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