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BMW Museum will hold Rolls-Royce exhibition

For the first time ever, the BMW Museum in Munich will display a Rolls-Royce exhibition. Going by the name of “Strive for Perfection”, this expo celebrates two things: 10 years since BMW took Rolls-Royce under its wings, and 150 years since the birth of Sir Henry Royce.

Covering more than 1000 square meters over 5 floors, it will display the company’s evolution through time since the founding until present days. If this peaks your curiosity, you will be able to enjoy the exhibition until the end of march.

Strive for Perfection Exhibition

Strive for Perfection Exhibition

In your visit to the BMW Museum you will be able to see 15 Rolls-Royce models from 1907 until 2012. The best piece is by far the 10EX experimental car. Engineered, built and driven by Sir Henry Royce himself in 1926, the 10EX’s purpose was to demonstrate the “New Phantom”.

Strive for Perfection Exhibition

Strive for Perfection Exhibition

To accompany the cars, the BMW Museum also has descriptive displays narrating on subject like coachbuilding, craftsmanship, design or engineering. All in all, it is a beautiful expo on the british car maker. The only thing that seems off is that it’s in the BMW Museum.


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