BMW 5-Series

The new face of 2014 BMW 5-series

When some photos of the new 5-series surfaced in China, it left the impression that what we saw in them was just the chinese version of the german car.

Now, thanks to Auto Zeitung magazine, we have the official photo of the F10 5-series. It came as a let down or at least a surprise to find out that the chinese photos were, in fact, of the international version.

2014 BMW 5-Series Facelift

2014 BMW 5-Series Facelift

There have been only minor changes to both the exterior appearance and the interior design, with no alterations to performance. It is a product of the Life Cycle Impulse (LCI), or in simpler terms, facelift.

2014 BMW 5-Series Facelift

2014 BMW 5-Series Facelift

Changes made come in the form of a new styling for the front bumper with chromed features, some alterations to the head lights, brand new fog light and the optional adaptive LED lights. You will also have the choice of new wheel designs and a remodeled exhaust. The interior has had even less cosmetic surgery done, most obvious being the reworked ConnectedDrive.

2014 BMW 5-Series Facelift

2014 BMW 5-Series Facelift

BMW will start production of the facelifted 5-Series in July, so if you like what they did, you can start hashing out your calendar until then.


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  1. what a waste of time / effort & money cos there is no real difference to shout about

  2. Really now! What is a face lift? Who is in the design office of the Bavarian? The face is really dull and the rear!? What? Why can’t BMW make the rear of all new models sporty? I agree that it is a waste of time and money. Please deploy an artistic team to look at this failure.

  3. The rear looks like a Nissan Almera. I am so disappointed!!!

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