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Improved night vision for BMW

As an added security system, premium car makers like BMW, Audi and Mercedes have been using night vision. And this technology has been in use for a while. But BMW decided it is time to up the ante.

Starting this summer, BMW will be installing on their cars a new and improved night vision system to help you stay safely on the road after dusk.

BMW Night Vision System

BMW Night Vision System

So what’s so great about this new system? For starters, BMW implemented a specific animal recognition feature that will identify Bambi well before it gets in the headlight’s range. Using thermals cameras to show you what’s ahead on a display, BMW’s system will also take additional steps to ensure you don’t hit anything or anyone.

BMW Night Vision System

BMW Night Vision System

When the system picks up something alive on a collision course, one of two high performance lights will target and illuminate it, flashing furiously. In case of a higher risk situation, the system will also sound an acoustic warning and the brakes will be set at maximum capacity.

BMW Night Vision System

BMW Night Vision System

Between avoiding damage to your car and possible manslaughter charges, I’d say the improved night vision system is a good investment.


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  1. Install in upcomi 4 series coupe. I will appreciate that
    It. And all models for the safety of bmw drivers

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