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E92 BMW M3 by G-Power

The Germans from BMW have stopped the production of BMW M3 Coupe for the upcoming generations. As you can see, the new F82 BMW M4 Coupe will be the successor of the E92 BMW M3 Coupe, actually it has another name with another hat, and the E92 BMW M3 is the last BMW M3 Coupe model ever produced.

Today we discuss some details about this beast, E92 BMW M3, which came back in the tuning garage from G-Power for technical and visual refresh.

G-Power E92 BMW M3

G-Power E92 BMW M3

We discussed further information in our previous article posted on December 12 regarding the tuning kit from G-Power (Please read it here: E92 BMW M3 Sporty Drive TU by G-Power). Now, this new tuning kit has been improved very much.

The engineers at G-Power have made one perfectly thing with this gem car and have changed the look from an usual M3 Coupe to a beast that carries a better design and performance engine under the hood.

The special tuning of E92 BMW M3 consists of aesthetic and technical changes, we will name some of the aesthetic changes: new front bumper, new difusser, and other carbon parts.

G-Power E92 BMW M3

G-Power E92 BMW M3

As technical parts, the tuning package from G-Power includes a new suspension that has been improved and lowered. Also, the E92 BMW M3 by G-Power comes with a new braking system.

G-Power E92 BMW M3

G-Power E92 BMW M3

G-Power has modified the E92 BMW M3’s V8 engine and has increased the power from 420hp to 720hp, also they increased the engine capacity to 4.6-liter. We believe that masters from G-Power have done a good thing and turned the car into a true beast.

G-Power E92 BMW M3 Engine

G-Power E92 BMW M3 Engine

This car is capable to reach the maximum top speed of 330km/h and has an acceleration of 3,7s (0-62mph).

G-Power E92 BMW M3 is one of the most beautiful cars tuned by the specialists at G-Power and this is seen even in pictures.

Full Photo Gallery: E92 BMW M3 by G-Power


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