BMW Motorrad 2012 sales figures look brilliant

Playing the sales games is something that BMW is clearly apt at but it’s also something they’re ready to share information about.

Within their company at least, things seem to be passed about. The corporate folks have just released some information on what their motorcycle division should do.



Knowing all this stuff, BMW Motorrad posted some clearly capable results with 2012 having gone out the window. December in particular was a success.

That’s not to say that the rest of the year was shoddy but it seems highly unlikely that a season reserved for cold and snow sells a lot of bikes.

Compared to December 2011, there was a 43.4% sales increase last month. Now that’s not something to sniff at, even if you’re BMW.



When analyzing the entire year from a global perspective, a growth factor of 2% remains. That translates into a record setting 106.358 motorcycles and maxi scooters sold.
The Husqvarna division also did brilliantly as it managed to up its game by 15.7% compared to what they have on record for 2011.

A few models did stand out among the two-wheeled runners of the company, these are the R1200GS, the F800GS and the S1000RR.

The F800GS was always a steady seller and the R1200GS’ air-cooled has sent into the garages of a lot of new owners.



Next year it’s going for liquid cooling so it might attract even more enthusiasts. Speaking of which, the S1000RR surprised by managing nearly 9000 units.

That really is remarkably, given the fact that we’re talking about a superbike that really loves hitting track days above anything else.

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