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F23 BMW 2 Series Convertible spied

BMW announced quite a while back that they plan to separate the two door from the four door versions of what used to be the 3 Series into the same model plus the 4 Series one.

The 1 Series is about to get the same treatment, hence the seriously delayed introduction of coupe/convertible version of the F20 generation.

F23 BMW 2 Series Convertible

F23 BMW 2 Series Convertible

What the spy photographers have caught here is something internally called the F23 BMW 2 Series convertible. The drop top on sight is among the first chances we get at this body shape.

In theory, the 2 Series could bring the Bavarian brand back to its roots. It would be a compact sports car with great driving feel.

This is a spot that used to be taken up by the 3 Series at some point in its life (thinking around the E30 period) but given how much the car has grown to the F30, it’s now more of a 5er in terms of size.

F23 BMW 2 Series Convertible

F23 BMW 2 Series Convertible

Going back to the roots with the new 2 Series doesn’t mean that you’ll get the same sort of spartan equipment that was offered back in the ’80s.

BMW will be making the 2 Series with all the bells and whistles of modern driving life. The drivetrain lineup will also be impressive having sharp engines and serious transmissions.

It should be quite the interesting and exciting car, regardless of the coupe or convertible shape however there’s some bad news about its unveiling.

F23 BMW 2 Series Convertible

F23 BMW 2 Series Convertible

The first time we’re going to properly see the new F23 BMW 2 Series until next year’s Frankfurt Motor Show. That’s scheduled for 2013.


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