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BMW Frozen Silver special edition gets to X6 and 6 Series

Interested in some more Frozen Silver painted special editions from BMW but you don’t seem to ever be able to get a hold of one?

You can always fake it, Russian style, or you could wait to get one of the real things. The Bavarians are making special editions with the star paint for two more interesting products.

F12 BMW 6 Series Frozen Grey

F12 BMW 6 Series Frozen Grey

The new cars to get Frozen Silver special editions are the F12 BMW 6 Series and the E71 BMW X6. A new chance at getting these models and this custom paint presents itself.

Exclusivity shouldn’t be a problem either, both these Frozen Silver are headed for the United States market alone and no more than 100 X6 units are to be built.

F12 BMW 6 Series Frozen Grey

F12 BMW 6 Series Frozen Grey

BMW’s opinion on the two door F12 6 Series, is that it should be even rare so only 55 units of that will be produced.

As usual in these sorts of conditions, we probably won’t see these new cars on the dealer showroom. Or parking lot, or even the factory court.

E71 BMW X6 Frozen gray

E71 BMW X6 Frozen gray

Chances are that this car will exchange hands even 20 years into the future without any company involvement whatsoever.

These products should also hold their value a lot better than regular one. Speakingg of which it will cost at least $81.695 to get one of the X6 models and $92.895 for the F12 6 Series.

E71 BMW X6 Frozen gray

E71 BMW X6 Frozen gray

That is painful, even with the standard features that include stuff like soft close doors, running boards and satellite radio alongside Alcantara, Premium, Cold Weather and Technology Packages.

Regardless, you are getting yourself a very cool looking car. It may be expensive and a tad annoying to maintain, but if your main goal is elsewhere, you should be pleased.


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  1. BMW-fanatic says:

    If the X6 pictured is in Frozen Grey, then they polished it too hard. Looks like Mineral White to me.

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