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F10 BMW 5 Series fakes Frozen Paint

Frozen Paint is probably one of the most desirable bits of kit you can have on your BMW. Like all things this way, there are some sacrifices that need to be made.

There’s the convenience factor, there’s the cost, there’s the maintenance and there’s the ever present threatening feeling that somebody might be keying your car.

F10 BMW 5 Series Frozen Paint

F10 BMW 5 Series Frozen Paint

What if you could have all these downsides wiped away and replaced by a small one. What if you could have frozen paint… except it was a little… fake.

That’s precisely what this car is getting. Thanks to a bit of ingenuity, a Russian owner (hopefully) will have a truly nice car to seat his gun in.

You think he’s not a Mafia man? Could be… after all, his 5 Series isn’t black and nor does it have tinted windows or any wheels that are oversized.

F10 BMW 5 Series Frozen Paint

F10 BMW 5 Series Frozen Paint

Getting back to the cheated Frozen Paint, it seems that the Russians have found a way round the problem by simply covering the car up in foil.

The infamous vinyl wrap trend going on these days inspired the covering of a regular silver painted BMW in a transparent foil.

Thus, less light is reflected and the added depth of the finish imitates the Frozen effect quite well. On top of that, this solution has a few extra plus points.

F10 BMW 5 Series Frozen Paint

F10 BMW 5 Series Frozen Paint

The annoyance of dead insects and bird droppings is eliminated. Further more, the paint itself is protected by the foil.

Which is quite handy since the Russian roads are full of impurities and often plagued by poor weather.


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