F25 BMW X3 facelift spied

Feeling like the F25 BMW X3 is starting to show its age? I don’t and there’s a lot of people out there that agree with me.

BMW is still going to give it a mid-life facelift and it should be ready sometime next year with a release as a 2014 model year.

F25 BMW X3 facelift spied

F25 BMW X3 facelift spied

This facelift was spied out in the preliminary tests and it is wearing camouflage but not too much of it. There’s no point in covering up the entire thing, is there?

You’d be silly to expect any structural changes to happen and you probably don’t like the idea of a facelift at all anyway.

Those who do understand the point will appreciate the fact that facelifts are necessary and that it’s pointless to spend too much money on these mid-life refreshed products.

F25 BMW X3 facelift spied

F25 BMW X3 facelift spied

We will get to see a new set of bumpers, a revised set of wheels, new headlamps as well as a few updates to the interior and engine lineup.

Since the X3 was one of the first cars to come with the N20 engine, this won’t be a newly introduced bit under its bonnet.

Some mild ECU tune-ups are likely to come up into discussion, some trim updates and new gadgets or revised BMW iDrive is what we should look forward to.

F25 BMW X3 facelift spied

F25 BMW X3 facelift spied

Speaking of which, the techno freaks are likely to be thrilled at the idea of this car being among the first of the BMW range to get the new iPhone socket.

Doing away with an adapter and minor compatibility issues isn’t good enough reason for buying a brand new BMW X3 but the car itself is. Think it over before the new model comes out.


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