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Video: Nurburgring chase in a E36 BMW 328i

It’s an article about a video. Not the most challenging write-ups and I admit it. That said, there’s an ulterior motif for opting for this one.

In all my BMW fan mania, the E36 really is the one closest to my heart. I know the E30 is more exciting and I know that the F30 is incredible, but that’s the one.

E36 BMW 328i DN6

E36 BMW 328i DN6

And now, I’ve gotten a chance to see one example in the hands of a very passionate fellow who really likes his car and gives it a kick every now and then.

Two mates are driving round, not racing, driving round the Nurburgring at an alert pace, at roughly the same time.

The camera is mounted on the dashboard of the BMW which is in an unpleasant spot, it’s behind a Renault Clio hatchback.

We do have to mention the fact that the point is not to beat each other out or overtake. Even if things were on, it may have been a little difficult for our 328i.

The reason is quite simple, that Clio out in front is no simple hatchback but a racing conversion of the Renault.

Meanwhile, the 328i may have a bigger engine and a few mods but its nowhere near as light, as kitted out or as track focused.

E36 BMW 328i DN6

E36 BMW 328i DN6

As you can see, going into the corners, the BMW still does better but when it comes to getting away from them that Renault just flies.

Expect a new video to come out once the BMW 328i gets some more modifications.



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