BMW M6 Gran Coupe spied in action

A certain four door version of the BMW M6 was spied recently at a certain infamous track in Germany where just about all new sports cars are tested.

In case you’re ironically pretending not to know I’m talking about the Nurburgring, that’s where the BMW M6 Gran Coupe was last spotted.

BMW M6 Gran Coupe spyshot

BMW M6 Gran Coupe spyshot

Unfortunately, there’s no video included this time but at least the photos are actually from the track rather than the entrance to the place.

We wish we had the inside scoop on how the new BMW M6 Gran Coupe handles but truth be told, we’re yet to find out how the two door version will tickle our excitement bone.

There is one other key difference between this and the M6 Coupe, we’re yet to find out if the Gran Coupe will really get the manual option in the order form.

BMW M6 Gran Coupe spyshot

BMW M6 Gran Coupe spyshot

Where similarities are certain to show up between the two M6 models is underneath. Everything that makes it go, turn and stop will likely be the same.

All key adjustments will be there so that a bit of a distinctive character is retained and, unfortunately the carbon fiber roof is still present.

Having one is not a bad thing, but you do wish BMW would learn that customers think it should actually be painted from time to time.

BMW M6 Gran Coupe spyshot

BMW M6 Gran Coupe spyshot

Getting back to the spyshots, there’s one in here that feels really special. The car appears to be cornering flat despite the uneven look of the track where it is.


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