BMW unveils C Electric Scooter Prototype

It seems that BMW like going on two wheels these days as after they unveiled the HP4 superbike, they’ve just announced this in London.

The Olympic games committee had their hands full these days but as a sponsor, BMW’s time was pretty open so they went on to release the C Electric Scooter Prototype.

BMW C Evolution Electric Scooter Prototype

BMW C Evolution Electric Scooter Prototype

There’s actually a bit of a chance for this vehicle since there doesn’t actually appear to be anything wrong with it.

It’s a scooter, it’s used mainly in towns and driven slowly through traffic. It’s also an embarrassing vehicle so there’s no problem with it being electric.

Plus, the fact that it’s clean, quiet and pretty robotic and high tech looking is certainly going to help the whole project.

Most performance figures are seriously close to what a gas powered scooter usually manages. The top speed is electronically limited at 75 mph.

Even though the C Electric Scooter constantly develops 15 horsepower and can hit a peak output of 47 ponies, in terms of acceleration it’s said to be quite the zippy performance.

As always, there’s the elephant in the closet of the range issue. Still, at 62 miles it should be fine for a small scooter.

BMW C Evolution Electric Scooter Prototype

BMW C Evolution Electric Scooter Prototype

We’re not yet aware of the way the BMW C Electric Scooter Prototype is supposed to be charged or how long it would take but overall the offer doesn’t seem too bad.

Hopefully the price of the BMW C Electric Scooter Prototype won’t cost enormously much and it could end up being quite the interesting product.

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