BMW i3 pricing announced

Well here’s a followup to the recent announcement from BMW about cost cutting. The Toyota R&D connection means that hybrid vehicles will come with a decent price.

The city car of the range the BMW i3 has recently started making noises about its price, in the wake of this new announcement and the one about the i8 supercar’s price.

BMW i3 Concept

BMW i3 Concept

Though it’s not exactly written in stone, it seems that when a market launch happens for the BMW i3 it would cost roughly the same as an entry level 5 Series.

It is still quite a lot to pay for a city car, even if it comes with similar luxury levels and toys for the conditions but it’s not so bad overall.

Let’s keep in mind that the BMW i3 will actually come with a lot of new technologies, have a lot of carbon fiber used in its construction and be one of the most eco-friendly cars out there.

BMW i3 Concept

BMW i3 Concept

If they end up pricing it like an entry level 520i it will be a little exclusive but probably worth the asking price without too much hassle.

At the moment an F10 BMW 520i costs between €35.000 and €40.000 ($43.000 – $50.000) depending on the market its available in.

BMW have also made a special point out of reminding us that the idea of the i Range being in trouble is now little more than a rumor.

BMW i3 Concept

BMW i3 Concept

All that’s remained at this point is to see us when they bring the i3 to the market and the official price sticker it will have in the window.


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