BMW X1 configurator goes live

The American branch of BMW has given its customers a new way of finding out exactly what kind of BMW X1 crossover they’d like to order.

As I’m sure they know but some of you may not, the BMW X1 only came to the United States this year pending an unveiling at the New York Auto Show.

2013 BMW X1

2013 BMW X1

Here we are now, a video release later and we’re faced with the real thing. The BMW X1 configurator is now live on BMW USA.

As with normal car configurators, the likes we’ve seen in their hundreds over the years. You can have a proper look round the car in 3D.

You can select various combinations of wheels and exterior colors and then you can start ticking boxes for trim levels or interior finish options.

2013 BMW X1

2013 BMW X1

Naturally, the entire options list is a few clicks away and all that. What strikes rather odd is the way the pricing is then presented to you.

Unlike the norm, where you get a figure saying “this is what it’ll cost, then you add the options”, you have to be very careful about the listings.

The starting price is one thing but then you see that it’s actually cheaper. Or at least that’s how it appears to be because you have to select a trim level to get to the “real price”.

2013 BMW X1

2013 BMW X1

It’s never really good news to ask for more money before offering any more car, is it? Maybe BMW USA need to re-evaluate their online configurator process.


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