BMW is developing a new manual gearbox

There was a bit of a worry regarding BMW’s position on manual gearboxes when they’d (partially) limited the availability of such a thing in the latest M5 and M6 generations.

That worry seems to be fading as, once again, the patent office BMW use started leaking out some more details as to what they’re on about.



This time, the information doesn’t speak of a ton of new models or toys but a single product.

It’s quite the biggie though, it seems BMW is working on a new type of manual gearbox, one that comes with a Porsche approved number of gears; at seven.

Two images were leaked, both of them explaining the process behind BMW’s new gearbox in development. The first is quite easy to understand but the second comes in with too much of a technical incline required.

BMW new gearbox

BMW new gearbox

The first image of the BMW 7 speed manual is of the shifter knob and showcases the final gear being offside, in a rather unusual way.

The second image tries to explain how the system actually works and is basically a simple way in which BMW is telling us that they’ve engineered a solution to keep us from screwing up the shifts.

BMW have designed this gearbox so that you can’t make unfitting gear shifts. Apparently the principle is simpler than we can see on the prints since the new gearbox is based on the 7 speed M-DCT.

BMW new gearbox

BMW new gearbox

Hopefully, now that most of this stuff has been leaked BMW will provide a decent set of releases on the inner workings of the new gearbox or at least help us with what we’re thinking right now.

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  1. yunus vally says:

    Y would some one stil want a manual when dct so good

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