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BMW improves used car services for China

Here’s a heartwarming bit of news from the Bavarians at BMW and their sales efforts. We’re not looking at the competition, statistics or sales figures.

BMW have announced that they plan to expand their involvement with used cars, particularly in China. We’re not sure this is to wash off anywhere else, but the idea seems pleasing.

2011 BMW M3

2011 BMW M3

The reason behind it is quite simple, the plan is to help build fellowship for the brand’s services in what’s undoubtedly the largest car market in the world.

In the early stages of the plan, BMW will open another two second-hand car trading centers for this year. The plan is to start off with the Shanghai and Chengdu cities.

Eventually, some four centers of a similar purpose are to come into existence. Right now, BMW only have one such thing located in Shenzen.

2011 BMW M3

2011 BMW M3

The used car managing centers need to be created under BMW approved locations if customers are to get a proper idea of what the brand is about.

Currently, second hand car sales in China are handled by rather shady dealers which can create quite the brand image for major car makers.

If BMW is to help out buyers “try” their product this way and if they’re to ever be tempted into buying a new car the Bavarians make, this pesky middleman must be done away with.

2011 BMW M3

2011 BMW M3

The manufacturer claims that even though customers need to be careful everywhere, young markets like China is where they’re most exposed to problems with second hand purchases.


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