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F20 BMW M135i Concept unveiled

BMW: Of course we know the Geneva Motor Show is coming up, it’s less than two weeks away.

Inverviewer: So what do you plan to showcase there that’s new? We already know the M6, we’re tired of the M5 and we’re pretty familiar with the M Performance stuff.

F20 BMW M135i Concept

F20 BMW M135i Concept

BMW: Well, what if we showed you a new car that’s in the pipeline but not admit to it being other than a concept?

And that ladies and gentlemen is how the Bavarians just decided to announce the F20 BMW M135i Concept. Essentially, this is what the fastest F20 BMW 1 Series hatchback will ever get but that’s not happening yet.

Right now we’re just looking at a mildly boring concept that’s powered by one of the company’s Twin-Turbo powerplants. Here’s where things become a little interesting.

F20 BMW M135i Concept

F20 BMW M135i Concept

We don’t know exactly what engine it is. We’re told it does develop “at least” 300 horsepower which would point towards the 3.0 liter straight six.

But since the Bavarians are going to make us wait until Geneva to find out, we can easily speculate that there’s a good chance at the 2.0 liter four pot being tuned up quite a bit.

There’s also a chance we could see a V6 that’s been rumored to make its appearance under the bonnet of BMW products or maybe even a rebirth of the intermediary 2.5 liter straight sixes.

F20 BMW M135i Concept

F20 BMW M135i Concept

As the branding would suggest, this particular concept doesn’t have too much to do with the M Division. Still, M Performance did sharpen up the suspension and brakes in order to create the F20 BMW M135i Concept.


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