BMW 5-Series / Vossen Wheels Tuning

F10 BMW 5 Series by Vossen

Talk about being different. Usually when somebody tries to tune up a car they include a new set of wheels to match.

But when it comes to Vossen, when presenting a new set of wheels they’ve decided to create a version of the F10 BMW 5 Series to match.

F10 BMW 5 Series by Vossen

F10 BMW 5 Series by Vossen

Without congratulating them too much, Vossen have managed to improve on an already stunning looking car. There’s one niggle but otherwise it’s a fine example of the tuning world.

That single niggle is in the completely pointless and not at all good looking bonnet air vent Vossen applied. The standard engine cover looks miles better.

Other than that, the new body kit is something to be approved. Whichever point of view you take, the F10 BMW 5 Series looks that little bit sharper and younger.

F10 BMW 5 Series by Vossen

F10 BMW 5 Series by Vossen

Happily, the newly gained angularity of the 5-er hasn’t been ridiculed and it merely complements the new Vossen wheels rather than outshine them.

If you think about it, Vossen have managed to create quite the showcase for their concave five spoke 20 inch CV3 wheels without most of us even realizing it.

The final details that make the Vossen 5 Series stand out are the dark tinted windows and the brightly chosen Angel Eyes mod.

F10 BMW 5 Series by Vossen

F10 BMW 5 Series by Vossen

The latter may not be to everybody’s taste since it kind of gives the F10 BMW 5 Series a bit of a “dumb” staring feel when used.

Since there’s more than one color in the presentation, you’d be best off going for the bright white or the xenon blue “rings” and you’re in business.

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