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F30 BMW 3 Series ActiveHybrid shows off in Detroit

Alongside the F10 BMW M5 getting a manual transmission option and the 5 Series’ hybrid version, the Bavarian stand had one extra notable presence.

It was with the BMW 3 Series ActiveHybrid that the Bavarians rounded off their showcase at the North American International Auto Show.

F30 BMW 3 Series ActiveHybrid

F30 BMW 3 Series ActiveHybrid

Though the F30 has been announced and showcased for some time now, the hybrid version was unveiled in the US on this occasion.

A hybrid isn’t big news any more, the “basic” small luxury sedan is roughly in the same situation yet the new ActiveHybrid family member has a few stories to tell.

In terms of drivetrain options, you’ll find that the new BMW 3 Series ActiveHybrid is powered by the same basic engine and gearbox as the 335i.

F30 BMW 3 Series ActiveHybrid

F30 BMW 3 Series ActiveHybrid

That’ll be a 3.0 liter straight six that’s boosted by TwinPower Turbo and teamed to an eight speed ZF automatic transmission.

In the hybrid however there’s a 55 horsepower electric motor mixed into the equation and the li-ion batteries that wizz it along.

You now get 335 ponies worth of combined power and an estimated fuel economy figure of 36 mpg combined.

This is achieved in the BMW 3 Series ActiveHybrid thanks to so many little details and tweaks most of us will hardly ever notice.

F30 BMW 3 Series ActiveHybrid

F30 BMW 3 Series ActiveHybrid

One such story is to be seen in how the new satellite navigation system is connected to the ECU. Using altitude readings, the fuel mixture is adjusted to offer the best possible burn so that nothing is wasted.

It means almost nothing to me, very little to most but will be of great importance to the hypermiling sort that will be interested in buying the BMW 3 Series ActiveHybrid.


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