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BMW M performance goes skiing with K2

We’ve still got a couple of solid months of snow in most areas around the globe, why not have a weekend away skiing?

Sounds great, but there’s just one problem; on the slopes you can’t really show off your love for BMW products. None of them can actually manage such an off-road excursion.

BMW M Performance K2 skis

BMW M Performance K2 skis

Thanks to a partnership with sporting good manufacturer K2, the Bavarians now have a considerable presence on the icy slopes.

The new product is called the K2 LTD BMW M Design Editions skis and they’re based on the K2 SideShow units, thus are high quality stuff.

By high quality, we mean that the BMW M performance will not be shamed by any other skis, those sliding babies were designed to work on all sorts of hill conditions.

BMW M Performance K2 skis

BMW M Performance K2 skis

Not only that, the BMW M branded skis are supposed to be top of the line performing products, just like the cars the Germans actually make.

I for one am not exactly a big fan of branded products that don’t really have much to do with the cars themselves, regardless of the company that makes them.

This set of K2 M performance is actually not for sale, they’re only going to be making 500 pairs and they will all be given away as prizes.

BMW M Performance K2 skis

BMW M Performance K2 skis

Getting one however is unusual as you’ll have to collect some BMW badges from the 13 locations spread over Europe in various winter locations.

Therefore, you need to be a BMW M performance enthusiast as well as a proper skiing nut before you get a chance at redeeming the prize.


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