BMW M3 is painted Santorini Blue

And here we have another one of those BMW M3 E92 last moments, mostly unsubstantiated or valuable but still awesome looking.

It’s a creation from a yet to be determined source, but that’s not exactly relevant. It may be BMW, it may be some enthusiast or a tuning company we’ve never heard of.

2011 BMW M3 Santorini Blue

2011 BMW M3 Santorini Blue

Not exactly relevant to the discussion but the new BMW M3 Santorini Blue does show off a great presence thanks to its new look.

As some of you will have noticed so far, very few of the car’s accessories and parts have changed about what’s happening with the E92 Coupe.

The multi-spoke dark alloy wheels have been borrowed from the special edition BMW M3 GTS Concept, the same ones as on the Competition package but apart from that, not much is happening.

2011 BMW M3 Santorini Blue

2011 BMW M3 Santorini Blue

Speaking of lack of originality, by some accounts, the new paint shade which is actually the most important aspect of the BMW M3 Santorini Blue, may not be completely original.

Plenty of people have noticed the incredible similarity of the Santorini Blue shade and one from Germany’s previous special edition stable, the Mexico Blue shade we see on rare Porsche models.

2011 BMW M3 Santorini Blue

2011 BMW M3 Santorini Blue

Otherwise, the BMW M3 Santorini Blue is just your typical E92 Coupe with 420 horsepower a seven-speed M dual clutch transmission and Drivelogic.

In not exactly typical good M division fashion, the BMW M3 available here comes with a start/stop system, a device which apparently saves fuel.

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  1. after reading I could not discern:

    a) you do not like the E92 body because it is about to die

    b)you did not like the Santorini Blue (I didn’t)

  2. I like the E92 just fine. It’s not my favorite BMW body style but I do like it.

    I don’t like this one, along side the tons of other limited editions because the simply don’t offer anything substantial. A new paint shade is nice but wears off quickly.

  3. Where do I buy the paint from

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