Lexus will not get BMW diesel engines

The recent deal between the Germans at BMW and the Japanese at Toyota on diesel engine concerns is starting to show some detail.

While nothing has really changed within the agreement, a rather interesting clause the Bavarians included started to make some headlines.

BMW Diesel engine

BMW Diesel engine

Though Toyota will get its chance at new diesel engines without too much worries but their luxury counterpart, Lexus, will not.

It seems like a logical decision. After all, Toyota’s luxury division is a direct competitor of BMW. Why help them, thus shoot yourself in the leg?

BMW’s development chief, Klaus Draege, was the one who officially cleared up the situation on Lexus’ faded diesel engine future.

BMW Diesel engine

BMW Diesel engine

BMW will continue their domination in diesel powerplants in Europe and Lexus, despite the bonus their parent company is getting out of this deal, will stick with in house designs.

Most importantly, the Lexus cars of the future that will have fuel economy as a main feat will rely on hybrid technology.

It does seem natural, and if you think it’s unfair, let’s remember that BMW will not be selling the hybrid models they get to develop in Europe.

BMW Diesel engine

BMW Diesel engine

The old continent is a large market for diesel engines but then again North America and Asia are quite the large ones available for hybrids.

In a couple of years or so we’ll be able to notice just how this deal works out for each of the companies. For now, latent contract clauses BMW issued aren’t all that exciting.


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