BMW X6 reimagined by CLP Automotive

The Germans at CLP Automotive have put me in quite the hotspot, I now have to talk about their Bruiser kit for the BMW X6 without being redundant.

This is almost impossible as whatever you want to say about the BMW X6, its mods or any tuning options without once again assessing just how ugly it is.

CLP Automotive BMW X6 Bruiser

CLP Automotive BMW X6 Bruiser

In CLP Automotive Bruiser form, the BMW X6 accentuates this main negative aspect of itself and fails to offer anything other than a few design alterations.

Under the new skin of the BMW X6 Bruiser, CLP Automotive doesn’t even offer anything in terms of performance, there’s not even a sports air filter, a sports exhaust system or anything of the likes.

What CLP Automotive did was to create the Bruiser revolves around the new body kit, a new set of wheels together with some other bits and pieces.

CLP Automotive BMW X6 Bruiser

CLP Automotive BMW X6 Bruiser

If I’m honest, the front doesn’t look that bad as all they’ve done here is open up the air ducts and fit some honeycomb grille behind them.

The rear end doesn’t seem bad either, the new quad exhaust tips and the obvious diffuser make for happy bedfellows with the BMW X6′s rather sporty rear end.

Where it really goes wrong is the profile. That’s where the German tuner opted for some really cheap looking sideskirts and an unusually large bulge in the rear wings.

CLP Automotive BMW X6 Bruiser

CLP Automotive BMW X6 Bruiser

Apparently, there’s an optional rear spoiler included in the mix but it shouldn’t be more obvious than the eyelids they’ve fitted to the BMW X6.

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