BMWCoop Facebook community hits 3000

The Internet is generally a place that feeds upon the errors, mishaps, or, if you will, fails of others and yet among these a bit of joy and community slips through.

One such example would be the Facebook fan community we, at BMWCoop, have recently began building.



Despite being in many ways in its infancy, the BMWCoop Facebook page is doing decently and would always love to welcome you as long as you’re interested in anything to do with our favorite Bavarian brand.

Regardless of you being a fan of the 1 Series, interested in the X6 M or looking out for the latest BMW Concepts and racing models, you’ll find it easier to keep track of anything posted on BMWCoop via your favorite social network profile.

2012 BMW 1 Series

2012 BMW 1 Series

To further sweeten the deal, the BMWCoop facebook page offers up some extras that don’t make it into the website.

It’s the place to find extra photos, all with tiny bits of BMW history and tradition related descriptions, the place to make new friends that share your interest and the place where you can spark up new discussions.

Jeff Koons BMW M3 GT2 ArtCar

Jeff Koons BMW M3 GT2 ArtCar

On what? Well, you can talk about anything you wish, as long as what you wish is a BMW, of course.

Need I say more, get out there and get social in order to prove to everybody that BMW fans and drivers aren’t to be blamed for all the troubles of modern traffic like some recent videos have been doing suggesting.

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