BMW 3-Series

2012 BMW 3 Series gets the M Sport Package

There is no surprise that the Germans from BMW decided to reveal the new 3 Series Sedan fitted with the M Sport Package immediately after the introduction of the third-generation of the BMW 3 Series, also known as F30. Of course, the M Sport Package brings only few aesthetic improvements while the engine range remains untouched. At the exterior, the new BMW 3 Series with the M Sport Package will feature new 18-inch alloy wheels along revised front bumper, rear diffuser and tailpipes.

2012 BMW 3 Series M Sport

2012 BMW 3 Series M Sport

The BMW Individual Shadowline trim is also added while for extra bucks you get larger 19-inch wheels, M Sport braking system, a new exterior finish and Adaptive suspension with electronically controlled damping.

2012 BMW 3 Series M Sport

2012 BMW 3 Series M Sport

However, the M Sport suspension system able to reduce the ground clearance by 10 mm is offered as standard with the new package together with few enhancements at the interior. BMW said that the new M Sport Package will be available starting the summer of the next year, shortly after the model goes on sale in February.

2012 BMW 3 Series M Sport

2012 BMW 3 Series M Sport

“Arresting forms and attractive lines enhance sporty looks and comfort. The M Sport package brings the ultimate in sporting makeovers to the new BMW 3 Series,” adds BMW. Accurate pricing for the M Sport Package should be revealed soon by the German company. “

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