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BMW celebrates 2 million units sold in the UK

The Germans from BMW announced that the British market received the two millionth vehicle bearing the BMW badge. The Bavarians entered the British market in 1980, the first model being sold on January 1, a BMW M535i sedan, the E12 generation. These days, the German delivered the two millionth car in the UK, namely a BMW 530d Gran Turismo, a quite controversial model.

BMW 530d Gran Turismo

BMW 530d Gran Turismo

We affirmed that because the GT version of the new BMW 5 Series returned poor sales in the US, more and more people complaining about the model in question which somehow replaces the Touring versions in certain regions.

“Ken’s been a delight to deal with and is just the sort of person who buys a BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo; he’s someone who used to drive Mercedes and lately was in a Volkswagen Phaeton, but has now moved to BMW,” said Steve Mills, Director at Benham BMW.

BMW 530d Gran Turismo

BMW 530d Gran Turismo

Ken Haynes from Wolverhampton is the happy customer which got the anniversary model and claimed that he is totally delighted to be the two million man for BMW. He also points out that the BMW 530d Gran Turismo is the perfect vehicle for him as it offers versatility and high standard specs.


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  1. will have this one too .

  2. I think BMW is the best selling car in the world. The features are unique and very appealing. The most beautiful thing are the head lamps. How can I forget those two beautiful eyes starring at me. I am in love with BMW.


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