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The BMW F800GS is the bigger brother in the GS family of the Bavarian brand and there’s probably no better way of saying what’s going in this segment of the bike’s stable.

An F650GS may have the heritage but the BMW F800GS is the real deal, something most bikers and enthusiasts consider that the modern F650GS should have been all along.


Its 798 cc water cooled, four stroke, DOHC, 8valve parallel twin develops a much tastier 85 horsepower and 61 lb-ft of torque and since it still weighs only 460 lbs the joy of entry to mid level engine motorcycling is still there.


Where the BMW F800GS really outshines its smaller brother is in the detail arrangement. The BMW F800GS has twin 300 mm brake disks on the front with 2 piston calipers which should, in theory, be twice as good as the ones on the 650.


Aspect enthusiasts will, however, most notably appreciate the new aluminum alloy wheels and performance enthusiasts will appreciate that the BMW F800GS comes with tires that offer marginally more grip, something that’s always welcome on just two wheels.

The final added bonus of the BMW F800GS is that it is slightly more customizable in regards to what’s going on with the seat height.


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