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BMW started the production of the BMW Z4M in 2006 and 2008 year is the end of it. There are two versions: roadster and coupe. Both versions comes with a 3,2L inline 6-cylinder M Power engine which deliveres 338hp at 7900rpm (redline at 8000rpm) and rear wheel drive traction (RWD).

The acceleration of the BMW Z4M from 0 to 100km/h is in just 5.0s, BMW Z4M’s top speed being electronically restricted to 250km/h.



The BMW Z4M’s gearbox is a very reliable one, the Getrag six-speed manual where you can have very quick changes with it.

The interior’s dash is easy to read and the weight is aproximately 1417kg for the BMW Z4M Coupe and 1485kg for the BMW Z4M Roadster.


Per overall, it is a great M Power car from BMW which has a beautiful design which can attract many eyes on the streets. If you want a car of small dimmensions like the BMW Z4M Roadster or Coupe, you should firstly give a look to this car, then check its rivals. What I can say is that I am almost fully convinced that if you drive it a minute you will go for the BMW Z4M.



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  1. i will hope to have BMW Z4M.

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