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The BMW Z1 is the smallest two-door roadster in the range of “Z” and was firstly presented in 1987 at the Frankfurt Motor Show and the production started in early 1989. BMW had more orders for the BMW Z1, and his production ended in 1991, this year was a memorable one for BMW because it is the last year when the BMW Z1 was produced.

Also, were sold around 8,000 Z1s and its successor is the BMW Z3. The BMW Z1 is based on the 3 Series E30’s platform.


As engines, it had only one available, namely the 2.5 liter gasoline (12 valves), it is a 6-cylinder inline engine and is called M20B25. Also, it is borrowed from the E30 3 Series 325i model with an output of 170 hp.


The transmission is 5 speed-manual, the Z1 having an acceleration (0-100km/h) of 9 seconds with reaching a maxim speed of 220km/h.


The Average consumption is 11 liters fuel per hundred kilometers and is relatively good for a certain kind of people, namely those who are making short roads.


The BMW Z1′s weight is 1290 kg and could be ordered with a choice of one color from a number of no more and no less than 6 colors. BMW did not produced any BMW Z1 with air conditioning system.

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