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BMW working on new music app with MOG

The Germans from BMW are looking forward to bring on-demand music closer to their customers by developing a new application in partnership with MOG, an online-music provider. According to the existing details, all the BMW customers who have their models equipped with BMW Apps will be able to use this service when it will be launched.



This new application will provide on-demand unlimited streaming, will let you search and tag songs but also will give you the opportunity to store the songs on your mobile and enjoy an ad-free service. In order to access this app, you will have to download it firstly to your car and then connect an iPhone.

The price of this new app is $9,99 a month for your mobile device and $4,99 per month for PC usage. The new BMW 6 Series Coupe will be the first to get this app, the Germans planning a demonstration in this regard.

Paul Ferraiolo, Manager of Product Planning and Strategy for BMW of North America said: “The partnership with MOG is another great step for BMW Apps, as we continue to listen to our customers and work to assess, develop and launch the apps they want most in a timely manner.”


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