BMW 5-Series

BMW delivered 5 Series Touring fleet for the Bavarian Police

The Bavarian Police received a fleet of nine BMW 5 Series Touring vehicles, models which benefit from all the required equipment for a police car. According to the first details, the fleet has been donated by BMW to the Bavarian Police, Joachim Herrmann, German Interior Minister, taking delivery of the vehicles from Alexander Thorwirth.

BMW 5 Series Touring fleet

BMW 5 Series Touring fleet

All nine vehicles are fitted with a new exterior design never seen on the German police patrol vehicles. These models will be seen on the streets of Munich and Upper Bavaria North, features such as strobe lights and iDrive signal system being installed from the factory.

BMW 5 Series Touring fleet

BMW 5 Series Touring fleet

The new green graphics are also factory-installed as they are developed by BMW and follow to be adopted on the future patrol cars. The Germans also modified the trunk of the model, all these models benefiting from increased space but also from front/rear cameras.

BMW 5 Series Touring fleet

BMW 5 Series Touring fleet

“I am pleased that now the new BMW 5 Series Touring with our police for pasting on the road in Bavaria. It is in my heart to equip our police with modern emergency vehicles. I thank the BMW Group for her dedication and innovative, pioneering work,” said Joachim Herrmann.

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