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BMW reveals the The Ultimate Drive mobile application

BMW Group Financial Services recently revealed “The Ultimate Drive” mobile application which allows the drivers to share the best roads to drive and their favorite routes in over 50 countries, the application being sharing-friendly with networks such as Facebook or email. “As a company, we pride ourselves on our ongoing uses of technology to build stronger relationships with our customers,” said Ed Robinson, President and CEO for BMW Group Financial Services.

The Ultimate Drive app

The Ultimate Drive app

The new app for the BMW owners is available for both iPhone and Android devices and as mentioned above, it is presented by BMW Group Financial Services, the development process the job of the San Francisco-based company, SocialNav.

In the near future, “The Ultimate Drive” application will incorporate the Financial Services as well while the current will be upgraded and extended.

The Ultimate Drive app

The Ultimate Drive app

This application comes to broaden the social community around driving and is offered for free in the Apple’s App Store as well as the Android Market. In the near future, the Germans from BMW might release a version for BlackBerry mobile phones.

“Not only does ‘The Ultimate Drive’ app allow us to broaden our awareness as an organization to a vast audience, but more so, it provides us the ability to nurture a two-way dialogue with our customers in an engaging way,” adds the company.


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