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The all new BMW 4 Series

BMW, as you might have heard by now, is set to unveil a new four-door coupe as a direct competitor to the Audi A5 Sportback.
It will, in effect, be a 3 Series GT, based on the meatier 5 Series GT, with a different badge: the 4 Series. BMW will give it a distinctive coupe-like look and place it between the smaller 3 Series and the larger 5 Series, making it a perfect middle ground car for commuters and families alike.

2013 BMW 3 Series GT (F34)
2013 BMW 3 Series GT (F34)

Customers will have the option of owning the four-door motor with either two or three seats in the rear and will get a two-stage tailgate at the boot of the car.
The 4 Series is being touted as an alternative to the high-end 6 Series coupe, but will reportedly still be sold at a premium price by BMW.

It has yet to make its full debut in the public sphere, but early suggestions and illustrations from sneaky peeks suggest that it is as sexy as the rest of BMW’s numbers.
Some BMW fans are already convinced of the quality and desirability of the 4 Series, but others are throwing in the rebuttal that there are simply too many numbers in the range nowadays.

BMW 5 Series GT by Trussardi

BMW is evidently releasing the 4 Series in an attempt to widen its audience, since it has been given a somewhat sportier appearance to try to entice a younger demographic. More choice = more sales, right?
However, the worry is that because it does seem to be aimed at a younger audience, getting car insurance on the 4 Series could be more expensive than you might usually expect. BMWs are becoming ever more popular with much wider audiences now, so this probably applies across the board – big savings in this respect, though, can be made on price comparison websites like

2013 BMW 3 Series GT (F34) spied

The greatest selling point of the 4 Series is its convenient size in comparison to its bigger brother. While it is said that it will maintain the interior spaciousness of the latter, the overall frame will be smaller and easier to park.
It is said that the interior will be much more comfortable than the 3 Series, too, making the overall driving experience much more pleasurable for all drivers and passengers. This driving comfort will undoubtedly be reinforced by the MacPherson front suspension system that the 4 Series will sport.

BMW 6 Series Coupe M Sport
BMW 6 Series Coupe M Sport

As expected, BMW will make both rear- and all-wheel drive versions of the car available on the market and they will, of course, both incorporate the most technologically up-to-date power steering system.
While BMW continues its work on a more environmentally friendly three-cylinder petrol engine that may yet be built into the 4 Series, customers will for now have the choice between petrol- or diesel-powered four- and six-cylinder engines.

The comfortable and convenient size of the new four-door is likely to appeal to a range of customers as BMW will be looking to retain many of their existing drivers as well as get some new drivers on board.
Potential drivers of the 4 Series will have to be comfortable with the wait, as it is not due for release until after the new 3 Series, which means that it will probably be pushed back into 2014.

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