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BMWCOOP: Show us your tuned BMW and we reveal it to the world

BMWCoop has an interesting proposal for all the BMW fans and owners reading our blog every day. If you own a BMW model you can send us photos and details regarding the modifications you brought to your car and we will review it on our blog for free. We have created a special page within our blog where you can get additional details on how to reach us. It is true that we often talk about tuning packages for BMW models but this time we want to see how you managed to improve the styling and also performance figures of your model.

BMW Tuning

BMW Tuning

Over the time, we have seen interesting tuning packages made by ordinary people or teams, therefore, we think that showing the world how the BMW fans manage to restyle their cars is nothing but a good idea.

So, if you want to respond to our challenge, the procedure is quite simple as you only have to send some photos alongside details about the modifications you brought using the Contact form or sending an e-mail at this address:

BMW Tuning

BMW Tuning

There is also recommended to send us photos before and after tuning, therefore, the readers can clearly see the styling improvements brought to your model. We eagerly wait to see some interesting tuning kits and we are sure that we will get a variety of styles and approaches. Get more details on this here.

BMW Tuning

BMW Tuning

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