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VIDEO: BMW’s new awareness campaign: “Don’t Text and Drive”

BMW is launching a new campaign addressed to all the drivers who are nothing paying enough attention when they are behind the steering wheel.

BMW "Don't Text and Drive" Campaign

BMW "Don't Text and Drive" Campaign

The new awareness campaign kicked off by the Bavarians touches a really important problem of these days as, according to some reports, more than 100,000 crashes each year are happening due to texting while driving. Moreover, the same study tells us that more than 1 million accidents each year have as main cause the usage of a cell phone.

In order to achieve its purposes, a commercial needs to have a simple but smart idea and the video in question is another one that can be characterized as a “smart commercial”. In the beginning, we are shown very caring parents who properly equip their daughter for certain situations such as riding a bike.

BMW "Don't Text and Drive" Campaign

BMW "Don't Text and Drive" Campaign

Almost the whole 30-second video shows two parents exaggerating in some situation and being extra caring. However, this is the main purpose of the campaign, as in the end, all the struggling to keep the child safe is canceled in a matter of seconds due to the mistake of driving and texting in the same time.

This campaign has been directed by BMW North America and comes to make all the drivers aware of this imminent danger that can strike very easy but in the same time can be avoided with the same ease. Therefore, BMW recommends to stay focused on safety, and if it is possible, to turn off your cell phone before driving.

BMW "Don't Text and Drive" Campaign

BMW "Don't Text and Drive" Campaign

Another tips shared by the Germans are to put the cell phone in your trunk or in a place where you can’t reach it, this being available in the case you are somehow addicted to the dangerous behavior of using it while driving. Moreover, they advice us to tell our family, friends or co-workers when we are taking a longer trip, therefore, they will know that there are big chances for their call to be refused. Lastly, BMW’s in-car systems such as My Info, Bluetooth connectivity and text to speech are a good alternative to use the cell phone while driving, using the handsfree possibility of course.

Source: BMWUSA


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