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VIDEO: The 2012 BMW M5 F10 pulled to its limit in France

BMW continues promoting the new M5 F10 with a new video revealing the M version of the current 5 Series being tested at the Miramas track in the south of France. At first, I hoped that the prototypes in the video dropped the camouflage wear but sadly some parts of the aerodynamic package are still covered.

BMW M5 F10 at Miramas, France

BMW M5 F10 at Miramas, France

However, the video featuring BMW’s new M model wants to underline the performance of the vehicle on the track. Under the bonnet, the new BMW M5 F10 fits a 4.4-liter twin-turbo engine developing around 590 horsepower together with a special DCT seven-speed gearbox from the M division.

The Bavarians succeeded to reproduce a variety of driving conditions from a dry and clean track to a wet surface and from round and straight road to steep hills and tight corners.

The new BMW M5 F10 managed to face all these difficult road conditions and you can clearly see this from the following video. Moreover, few key people in the developing process occur in the video from time to time to drop an opinion or observation.


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