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BMW Direct Store – the official shop on eBay UK

The Bavarians from BMW issued a press release announcing the opening of the BMW Direct Store, their first official shop on eBay UK, a place from where you can buy components and accessories using the renowned online auction and shopping website, eBay.

BMW Direct Store on eBay UK

BMW Direct Store on eBay UK

Considering that the e-commerce phenomenon is very common these days, this decision to open an online shop on the UK website of eBay is a very handy alternative to the more lazy customers.

Thus, you can order accessories and parts by just few clicks without worrying about their authenticity and their quality. Moreover, BMW claims that the online store will deliver the products from stock without charging any postage or packaging fees. Actually, BMW is the first automotive company to open an online store on eBay and sell components through this way.

Ordering a product from BMW’s new store will be even easier than visiting a dealership as you can pay for it using the conventional ways adopted by eBay, such as PayPal, a fast and safe method to transfer money. All the products ordered from BMW Direct Store come with a two-year warranty. Visit the store right here.


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  1. Hi, is anyone able to recommend on free Ebay application which can auto-bid just before the auction ends? (I cannot remember the correct term for this. thanks

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