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BMW defeats Mercedes in the U.S. but the gap is very tight

The Germans from BMW and Mercedes are not battling only on the German market, there is a very tight race also in the U.S. and it seems that BMW is ahead in terms of sales. More exactly, the Bavarians announced that they’ve taken the lead in April on the American market defeating Mercedes by only 29 units.

BMW takes the leadership in the U.S.

BMW takes the leadership in the U.S.

BMW managed to sell 71,447 units last month and ranked first in the premium segment sales ranking. Models such as the new BMW 5 Series (F10) and the new X3 (F25) helped the Germans to obtain an increase of 8,9% and in the same time the leadership in one of the most important markets for their premium models.

The third place has been occupied by the Japanese people from Lexus but at a bigger difference, about 7,000 vehicles separating them from the second place.

Namely, Lexus managed to sell 64,932 units last month and U.S., this meaning that the battle for the first position will still take place between BMW and Mercedes. It remains to be seen if BMW will manage to enlarge the gap this month or at least keep this difference and continue being the leader in the United States.


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